At Strickland’s Home, we are well aware that custom garage design requires different questions and solutions compared to closets, entryways, and bedrooms. Whether you’re planning for a garage renovation or makeover, here are a few special considerations to keep in mind for your garage design and organization.

5 Special Considerations for Your Custom Garage Design

  1. Can your cabinetry handle the heat and humidity? While quality cabinetry and shelving is key for any interior, in the garage, durability an especially important consideration. At Strickland’s, we’ll help you make sure you’re choosing high-quality products that can handle coastal North Carolina’s ever-changing climate without sagging, warping, or breaking.
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  3. Where are you plugging everything in? Extension cords galore can mean trips, falls, and serious injuries if you’re not careful about the use of outlets in your garage design. While builders often fail to consider thoughtful placement for outlets, our designers can help ensure outlets are readily available by building them into workspaces and keeping extension cords stored properly on heavy-duty wall hooks. As we install wall-to-wall organizers, we’ll keep in mind your everyday needs and be sure not to block necessary connections.
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  5. How can you work around water heaters, electrical panels, and more? Like outlets, other built-in features in the garage like water heaters and electrical panels aren’t always installed with the homeowner in mind. With creative thinking and space planning, our designers will help you work around (and protect!) your garage’s key features.
  6. How can you keep your inventory safe? Inside the garage, pests are more likely to be an issue than indoors. In order to avoid unwanted intruders, we’ll help you choose storage that makes sense for your inventory, from pull-out containers for trash and recycling to heavy-duty bins in overhead storage for valuables.
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  8. How can I make space for cars, storage, and all of my hobbies? When it comes to multifunctionality, the garage surpasses almost every other part of the home. You’ll need to consider how to make space for your vehicles, supplies for yard work and cleaning, all of your storage, and the work you want to do inside your garage as well. This is where insight from a professional designer and organizer is key. We’ll help you make sure there’s space for absolutely everything you have in mind with great garage storage ideas.

Discover Your Custom Garage Design
If you’re beginning to brainstorm for your dream garage, it helps to have access to professional designers who can guide you through unexpected garage-specific considerations. At Strickland’s Home, our team will help you make the most of every inch of your garage space, whether you’re planning to go wild, get organized, create a garage workspace, or all of the above. Give us a call or come by our showroom to get started.