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Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades with Cordless System

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades with Cordless System

There are many other special functions that your window treatments can perform. Window hardware can be customized to suit the type and scale of your windows, for example.

Want to have multiple light, privacy, and style options? Choose a layered window treatment that can be utilized in several ways. Interested in the latest technology? Higher-end window treatments often have automatic controls and other functions that would be a wonderful addition to your home.

For humid rooms, like bathrooms, moisture resistant treatments may be your best option. Caring for and cleaning your window treatments in also something to consider—everyone wants something durable, but if you have pets or allergies, you may want something that is washable as well. Is your window treatment in a high traffic area of your home, or a little-used room? While a more delicate window treatment may work for a bathroom window that is rarely opened, a shade attached to a French door that you use everyday will likely need to be made of a more durable fabric.

For families, children’s needs are another important factor. If you have young children, you’ll want to be assured of strong window treatment safety with cordless, safety tassle, or breakaway cord blinds and shades that prevent children from becoming entangled in cords. There is also the issue of shade in your nursery, as described above. If you have a baby or toddler just learning to walk, too, long draperies might be a tripping hazard. If your children or teens are older, they may want to have input into the treatments chosen for their rooms as well. Families with children will also want to consider window treatments that are better for busy and sometimes messy households. Will you cry if your child draws on your silk draperies with markers? Then it might be best to choose a more child-friendly option!

No matter how you need your window treatments to function, the Strickland’s team can suggest options ranging from corded to cordless, manual to remote-control operated, and washable to allergen-free .