Picture Perfect: The Professionally Designed Pantry

Ah, the kitchen pantry. The dream is that it’s a sweet space for storing groceries and cooking gear. But, the reality can often be something else altogether. Perhaps you’ve experienced the ‘black hole’ phenomenon—the frustration of not being able to find a certain ingredient or item in our pantry that you just know is there. Maybe, with its impractical size or awkward location, your pantry derails your efforts to prep and cook the family meals.

a beautiful, organized pantry

How do you go from pantry pain to your kitchen’s pride and joy? Call on Strickland’s Home — we’ve got the products and the experience to design a pantry that’s not only picture-perfect, but also the epitome of efficiency. Here are a just a few ways Strickland’s Home’s organization and design solutions can turn your pantry into your favorite kitchen helper:

Bake in Extra Storage Space: We’ll discuss your particular pantry needs and determine how to add storage shelves, cabinets and features that work for your kitchen and the way you cook. Need a place to keep your cutting boards and serving trays? Vertical dividers are a great solution. Awkward corner? Three words: curved corner shelves. A well-designed pantry that utilizes every square inch of space can make it feel as if you’ve undergone a kitchen expansion—without altering your actual room size.

galley style organized pantry

Enjoy the Visual Feast: There’s nothing worse than being elbows-deep in a recipe and unable to find that key ingredient that you’re sure is in your pantry somewhere. ORG Home’s high-quality gliding drawers are our favorite cure for this particular headache; they pull out easily so you have a clear view of every can, jar and box. Bonus: being able to see your whole kitchen inventory at a glance means less food waste and fewer trips to the supermarket!

Reach for a Snack: Maybe you have a love-hate relationship with that top shelf that houses appliances or seasonal kitchen gear. Maybe your kids love acting as sous chefs but can’t reach enough cabinets to be truly helpful. We’ll work with you to make sure that your pantry is as handy as possible, for everyone in your home.

pullout trays in pantry

Enjoy the Sweet Taste of Organization: Consider this: an organized pantry can help you make small but powerful changes to the way you eat. With increased space, you can put healthy snack options front and center.

Pop the Champagne: If you enjoy dinner parties with a nice bottle of wine, or celebrations with free-flowing bubbly, built-in glass and stemware racks are great space savers that will help you entertain with ease. These racks, which can be built in to the cabinetry, are available in a range of finishes and materials from traditional woods to sleek contemporary metals. You can also install wine bottle storage to declutter your countertops and house wine safely.

pantry wine rack

Put the Joy Back in Cooking: Let’s face it, sometimes the thought of sizing up your meal supplies, getting everything out, and actually cooking is enough to leave you exhausted before you start. But having a place for everything in an easy-to-navigate pantry can make cooking a pleasure rather than a chore.

appliance storage in pantry

Interested in giving your pantry the professional treatment? Schedule a meeting with a Strickland’s Home designer. Using our 3-D design tool, we’ll create a kitchen and pantry organization system that is just right for your home and your budget.