Garage Slat Wall

If you’re looking to free up floor space and add intuitive storage solutions to your custom garage, quality slat wall is key. With heavy-duty baskets, hooks, and shelves of all sizes, we’ll help you properly store every piece of your inventory right within reach, from brooms and rakes to carpentry tools and sports equipment. Here is a brief overview of our slatwall storage solutions:

Custom Garage Slat Wall Panels

garage slat wallGive your garage walls a clean slate for hooks and hangers using fully-customizable wall panels. Our slat wall is:

  • Available in 7 designer colors and 3 wood grains
  • Color-matched with accessories and screws
  • Highly durable, waterproof, and easy to clean
  • Applicable from floor to ceiling in 12-15” panel units
  • Compatible with multiple customizable components

Slat Wall Baskets, Bins, and Bags

Store your tools, balls, and gear with our wall-mounted baskets, bins, and bags. Our offerings include:

  • Heavy Duty Baskets in multiple sizes and depths which can hold up to 125 lbs
  • Caddy Baskets for small tools, cleaning supplies, gardening equipment, and sports equipment
  • Durable Bins for tools, supplies, towels, and toys
  • Slot Bins for small items like nails and screws
  • Grab and Go Bags with tear-resistant canvas and mesh panels for easy-to-see athletic gear and more

garage slat wall baskets bin bags

Slat Wall Hooks

slat wall hooksIf you’ve got something to hang, we have a hook for it. We provide heavy-duty hooks with durable powder coating and stainless-steel hardware for all of your wall storage needs, including:

  • Multi-pronged hooks for baseball bats, fishing rods, tennis rackets, and more
  • Loop hooks for tools like hammers and shovels
  • Utility hooks for extension cords, ropes, and hoses
  • Heavy-duty hooks for power tools, leaf blowers, and more
  • Angle hooks for bikes, skateboards, and watercraft

Slat Wall Shelves

Strickland’s carries durable, high-quality wall-mounted shelving made of materials including wire, wood, and powder-coated steel. Storage solutions include:

  • Ledge Shelving for cleaning supplies, jars, and containers
  • Angle Shelving for canned goods and paint storage
  • Clean-up Caddy Combo with built-in paper towel holder

slat wall shelves

Store More With Slat Wall

Feeling inspired yet? For a perfectly organized custom garage, you can’t go wrong with slat wall and all of the accessories to match. To view and test all of our garage organization solutions, visit our showroom off Oleander Drive in Wilmington, NC. Our designers will help you begin the process of designing your dream garage.