Creating a Boutique Closet

So you’ve read the articles, flipped through the home-design magazines, drooled at all the gorgeous photos, and you’re totally sold. You’re ready to turn your closet into a boutique closet. But how do you do it? What makes a boutique closet what it is? Do you need to have an innate design sense or a degree in interior design?

Have no fear, Strickland’s is here to help you out. Read through our handy guide to learn everything you’ll need to know to start curating your perfect boutique closet.

A boutique closet is… uncluttered.

Decluttering is the first and most important step to creating the boutique closet of your dreams. Before you get started, take a good look at your closet. Pick out what you want to keep; what you can throw away; and what items you want most on display. That way, when it’s time to do the designing and organizing, you’ll already know what your most important items are.

an uncluttered boutique closet by Strickland's Closets

A boutique closet is… visually pleasing.

Did you ever work a retail job? If you did, you probably remember the periodic store turnovers, where everyone came in one night, reset all the merchandise, and reorganized the racks. That’s what you need to do when you create your boutique closet — think like a visual merchandiser. A boutique closet should function as if it’s your own personal boutique, where you get to shop every morning as you get dressed.

Visual merchandisers organize their clothing in departments—pants, shirts, accessories, etc. — and by color. This kind of artful storage, curation, and organization is a large part of what makes them so pleasing to shop in. Every item should have a place, and particularly beautiful or treasured pieces should be showcased.

a boutique closet from Stricklands Closets is visually pleasing

A boutique closet is… totally customized to its owner.

If you have the means, definitely invest in a custom closet design. A custom closet is the single best way to ensure your space showcases your clothes, shoes, and accessories as well as possible. If you have tons of gowns, you can make sure your racks are high enough that they don’t skim the ground; or, if your shoe collection rivals the shoe collection in the Met’s fashion wing, your custom closet can be designed with that in mind. Here at Strickland’s, custom, well-organized closets are our specialty. There’s nothing we like more than helping our clients declutter and streamline their lives and homes.

a boutique closet from Strickland's Home is beautiful

A boutique closet is… deliberate.

In a boutique closet, nothing should feel out of place. The art of it is important; you want the room to feel as stylish as you are. A good rule of thumb: display your accessories, showcase your shoes, and add personal touches. Beautiful, small touches are important. Consider a glass-doored cabinet to show off your loveliest jewelry, and arrange small treasured pieces like photos, books, or favorite shoes alongside them to show off your personal style.

If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry — your custom boutique closet is within reach! At Strickland’s, we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure every inch of your closet comes out as planned. Visit our showroom or call us today to get started!