Design Ideas to Make the Most of Your Walk-in Closet

We love a well-organized walk-in closet. They beat a cramped closet any day when it comes to storage space, and they leave just enough room for customized organization as well. At Strickland’s Home, we believe closet organization and great design work hand in hand when it comes to walk-in closets. Here are 7 design ideas for how to make the most of yours.

  1. Know your needs. To really make the most of your walk-in closet, first, you need to know your needs. Are you a fashionista with an impressive collection of shoes, jewelry, and specially paired outfits? Then you want custom-designed shoe shelves, jewelry drawers, and numerous accessory organizers (arranged by season and occasion, of course). Or maybe you’re looking for the dapper gentlemen’s dressing room. In that case, you’ll want to opt for tall wardrobes and symmetrical shelving for perfectly placed shoes and hats. As soon as you know your needs, you can begin considering specific storage and design options that suit them.
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  3. Use open storage. No matter what your needs are, open storage is an absolute necessity for all walk-ins. You shouldn’t have to open drawers to find a scarf or purse. Instead, install decorative baskets, bins, and containers. When your best accessories are visible and well-organized, you’ll use them more often, too.
  4. Go vertical. One of the easiest and most attractive ways to make the most of your walk-in is to utilize vertical space. Customize your walk-in with multiple single or double-rod systems. Or, consider, adjustable shelving all the way up to the ceiling. Don’t let this space go to waste – you can even use more difficult-to-reach spots for off-season storage.
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  6. Don’t forget about the lighting. Scrounging around in a dark closet is frustrating and a major time-waster. Because closets get less attention, walk-ins tend to lack proper lighting. To upgrade your walk-in closet’s design, choose lighting that increases functionality and aesthetics at the same time. Consider spotlights for displays, lighted sections and drawers, and well-lit mirrors.
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  8. Treat your walk-in like a room of its own. Just because it’s a closet doesn’t mean your walk-in doesn’t deserve designer details. When you walk in closets that look beautiful, you want to keep them organized. Honor your walk-in with coordinated paint colors and wood stains, decorative moldings, knobs, and hooks, and matching furniture.
  9. Get creative with extra space. Consider optimizing a sizeable walk-in closet as a glamorous dressing room or personal boutique. A center island, laundry station, or seating area will allow you to arrange outfits, organize clothes, and prepare for your day, all inside your walk-in.

Inspired yet? At Strickland’s Home, we use our organizing expertise and design to make space-efficient and beautiful walk-in closets. Contact us to get started on yours today.