6 Ways to Take Advantage of Overhead Garage Storage

When it comes to garage organization, one of the most common design challenges is making room for more. Often, though, we make the mistake of working from the floor up, stacking bins and boxes and lining up bikes and cars. To save valuable floor space, look up! Overhead garage storage takes advantage of all free space in your garage, from the walls to the ceiling. Here’s how to make the most of overhead garage storage space.

  1. Go vertical with bikes. Who needs a kickstand or floor rack for bikes when you have bare walls readily available? To save floor space for larger items and to tidy up your bike station, store your bikes overhead. Bikes can be hung from the walls vertically or horizontally using the Steadyrack bike rack. Its swivel feature saves space by keeping bikes out of the way until they’re needed.
  2. overhead-garage-storage-bikes

  3. Lift up your cars. Dreaming of a garage-turned-auto shop or a space for your growing collection of classic cars? There’s no need to break down walls or build a new garage. Instead, install car lifts for overhead garage storage. While your everyday ride is ready to go in one lane, the other lane can be dedicated to your project or show pieces.
  4. Hide away holiday decor. There’s nothing more frustrating than looking for something you desperately need, only to find yourself digging through bins full of holiday decor you won’t actually need for months. Then when it’s time for Christmas, far too many of your ornaments are broken from being pushed around! Sound familiar? Keep your seasonal decorations safe and put away using overhead racks or top shelves of wall-mounted organization systems. Then, when you need them, you’ll know exactly where to look.
  5. Keep dangerous chemicals out of reach. Some things are best kept out of reach – like strong chemical cleaners, pesticides, and motor oil. Rather than leaving these in the corner of your garage or in a lower workspace cabinet, keep them in overhead garage storage, using wall-mounted shelving or a wall organizing system.
  6. Show off your greatest accomplishments. On the other hand, some things you do want people to see, like awards and honors. A glass display case keeps your trophies safe from workspace splashes and dust, yet still on full display.
  7. Protect your electronics. What’s a party garage without a stylish TV? Protect your electronics by wall-mounting them atop useful cabinetry, like in this garage workspace.


Taking Full Advantage of Overhead Garage Storage
If you’re looking to take full advantage of your garage’s overhead storage space, give us a call at Strickland’s Custom Garages. We’ll help you make the most of your garage’s storage space with professional design solutions and expert installation.