6 Reasons to Get a Garage Makeover

According to the New York Times, the garage is the final frontier when it comes to home renovation, and Americans are taking theirs to the next level. The garage is a space that’s often in need of thoughtful organizational strategies and space-saving storage solutions. It can also be upgraded into a workspace, showroom, or hangout. If you’re looking to update your space, here are 6 reasons to take the plunge and get a garage makeover.

1. Create more garage storage space with cabinetry.
If you’re in need of more storage space, you can’t go wrong with wall-to-wall custom-designed cabinetry. Adjustable shelving creates a good fit for large and small items, as well as bins, baskets, and storage containers of all sizes.


2. Give your garage the beauty and design it deserves.
You choose complimentary cabinetry, hardware, colors and styles throughout the rest of your home – why not update your garage, too? With thousands of customization options, you can get creative and personal with your garage makeover. The resulting aesthetic unity and order will create a more beautiful and peaceful garage space, one you’ll want to keep organized.

3. No more digging through collapsed cardboard boxes and stacks of big bins to find what you need.
A garage makeover means custom organization solutions, and everything in its right place. You won’t have to search your garage for what you need anymore, because you’ll know exactly where it is. Customized spaces can be specially designed for your inventory and needs, like a go-to golfer’s closet.

garage makeover golfer's closet

4. You can turn your garage into a second living space.
Garages aren’t just for storage anymore — they’re carpenters’ workshops, gardening centers, car collection displays, man caves, she sheds, and more. Whatever the collection or hobby, a custom garage can honor it perfectly.

5. Use your garage for cars again.
Remember when you could fit your cars – and everything else – in your garage? If you’re looking to free up floor space and streamline your garage so you can actually use it, custom organization is key. Wall storage like cabinetry, shelving, magnetic strips, hooks, and more can do amazing things for your floors.

6. Make room for more toys.
If you’re a car lover but your garage just can’t handle your hobby, car lifts can double your parking space. They’re a practical and affordable way to double your garage space – without tearing down any walls.

Your Garage Makeover
Whether you’re looking to improve storage, create an entirely new room, or just finally organize all of your things, a garage makeover is a great gift to give yourself and your family. Our designers and installers will help you turn your vision into a reality. To get started on your garage makeover, give us a call at Strickland’s Custom Garages. We’ll help you take your garage to the next level.