12 Ways to Make the Most of Garage Wall Organizers

If you feel like you can never find what you need in your garage, it may be time for a custom-organized garage system. When it comes to custom garage organization, you can’t go wrong with garage wall organizers. Moving stacks of boxes and loose items into wall-mounted cabinetry frees up space and stores items beautifully. Mounting what you need on the wall makes it easier to get things done in the garage. Here are 12 ways to make the most of garage wall organizers:

  1. Use full-extending baskets for sports equipment. Full-extending baskets on heavy-duty slides are a perfect solution for sports balls and gear. They’re easy in and out, and cleaning up can be done in a snap.
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  3. Keep your tools in order with a magnetic tool bar. Don’t get stuck searching for the tool you need – store your hammers, pliers, wrenches, and screwdrivers on a magnetic tool bar right above your work station.
  4. Use pull-out trays for small tools and items. Drawers are ideal for a garage workspace, and inside, pull-out trays can organize small tools like scissors and rulers.
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  6. Depend on scoop-front utility bins for easy access for small items. Scoop-front utility bins are also a great workspace addition – they offer easy access for items you use often, like nails and screws.
  7. Make cleanup easy with sturdy steel paper towel holders. Paper towel holders can be built right into the walls of your workspace, keeping wipes, tape, or twine right within reach.
  8. Hook it all up. Durable steels hooks serve as great hangers for rakes, shovels, drills, and more.
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  10. Double hook big items like tables, chairs, and beach supplies. In a Wrightsville Beach or Topsail Island garage, piles of beach supplies like folding chairs and umbrellas can take up a lot of floor space. Streamline your storage with secure-grip rubber-coated steel hooks.
  11. Don’t forget the J-hook for heavy-duty tools. For tools that need serious support, a sturdy steel J-hook gets the job done. Yes, you can hang step stools, power tools, and leaf blowers!
  12. Loop hook cords to avoid knots and snags. Say goodbye to tripping over (and detangling) extension cords. Store cords and hoses on the wall in neat coils using loop hooks.
  13. Create a cleaning closet. Double utility hooks inside wall cabinetry can easily store cleaning supplies in one place. Upper and lower hooks hold brooms, dustpans, and dusters, while baskets can hold rags, sponges, and smaller items. Adjustable shelving can be placed perfectly to fit cleaning supplies of all sizes.
  14. Go for all of the baskets. Baskets are available in mini-sizes for golf balls, tennis balls, and gloves, all the way up to large sizes for heavy-duty storage. See-through mesh baskets are perfect for supplies you use all the time, like Frisbees and footballs.
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  16. Mount hook boards by the door. Hook boards are ultra-convenient for hanging jackets, hats, backpacks, purses, umbrellas and more right where you need them.

Getting Started with Your Garage Wall Organizers
When it comes to garage remodeling, garage wall organizers are a must-have to free up floor space and efficiently store items for easy access and organization. To begin dreaming up your well-organized garage walls, give us a call at Strickland’s Custom Garages. Our team of professional designers and installers will help you make the most of your garage from floor to ceiling.