Our Values

When your newly organized space has been designed and installed, be prepared — your face might hurt for a few days from smiling so much. That’s typical around here, in large part because of our commitment to integrity from start to finish.

Here are just a few of the ways we are committed to enhancing the quality of your life, the value of your home, and the breadth of your smile:

  • We respect your time and your interest in working with us, so we will always aim to return your emails and phone calls within 1-2 business days.
  • Likewise, our designers and installers make every effort to be on time for appointments. You will always be notified if unforeseen traffic conditions or an emergency has put them behind schedule.
  • Your initial on-site consultation with a designer is a complimentary service; there is no fee. Our designers are experienced, trained, certified, and authorized to take measurements, quote final prices, and even produce space planning designs during this meeting.
  • Strickalnds home customer promise

  • If your project requires multiple visits, we will communicate regularly and work as efficiently as possible to minimize interruptions in your busy life.
  • Your approved design will be translated into an exact order with ORG design’s drawing-to-fabrication ordering system which guarantees flawless execution of dimensions and style choices. If, however, there is a mistake in measuring, fabrication, or installation, we will assume responsibility and make it right.
  • Our in-house installers are expert at their craft and they have good manners. They will listen to your preferences and treat your home with respect, leaving the work area clean and neat when the job is done.
  • Both ORG and Strickland’s Home stand behind the quality of our craftsmanship and installation with official guarantees.
  • It is always our goal to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. We look forward to delighting you in every aspect of our work.

To learn more about our commitment to you, contact Strickland’s Home to request your no-obligation appointment.