How to Design an Efficient Corner Closet

When it comes to closet organization, most of us want to go big or go home. We only want to design an organizational system for the most luxurious closet we can dream up. Think: something the size of a room, with built-in shelf lighting to showcase our shoes or jewelry, maybe an island in the center…

But the truth is, not every closet can be a grand-slam, walk-in closet. And sometimes, the closet that stands to gain the most from an organizational system is the smallest one — the linen closet, the hall closet, or the oft-forgotten, odd-shaped corner closet.

Who cares about the corner closet? Isn’t it just awkward throwaway space?

You should! We don’t believe in throwaway spaces. It’s true that most of the time, hall closets and corner closets end up overstuffed with all our excess junk. Sometimes, they get so disorganized that we avoid opening them.

But if the closet exists, we can help you maximize it to its fullest potential and keep everything in place. Trust us — when we take the time to organize a smaller, odd-shaped closet, the results can be felt throughout the house.

Strickland's corner closet makeover

For instance, your closet could benefit from a set of nice corner shelves and a pull-out rack for shorter coats or pants. Or, if it’s got unusually high ceilings, maybe what you’re looking for is a pull-down wardrobe rod. If you can dream it, we can design it. (And if you can’t dream it, we’ll help you discover the possibilities in that area too!)

How does the design process work when it comes to a small corner closet?

It’s the same as it would be with a large closet, just on a different scale. The truth is, Strickland’s organizational systems really do shine in smaller closet spaces. Whether optimizing space in a big closet or a small one, we take our design process very seriously. The first step is a fun one: getting to know you and your needs. Then, we take stock of what exactly you’re planning to store in your closet.

After we know exactly what we’re working with and exactly what you’re hoping to achieve, we meticulously measure your available space to ensure the best usage of every inch. Sometimes, old homes have closets in strange places, like underneath the stairwell, or they’re tacked-on as if storage were an afterthought. It doesn’t matter to us if your closet isn’t a simple, rectangular box. Turning unusual spaces into efficient and effective storage closets is one of our favorite challenges.

Once we’ve measured the space, we design a plan that works with your feedback and your budget. Then, we place an order for the components that will be necessary for your space. (That’s right, the products that go into your closet are custom-built for you!)

Next, we install — and then, you enjoy!

Ready to start the process? Stop by our showroom today to take a look at some of the custom closet organizers that we offer or speak to an expert about your unique home organization needs