12 Great Storage Ideas for Custom Garages

While garages are ideal storage spaces, they’re also high-traffic, multifunctional rooms. The greatest garage storage ideas take advantage of every inch of space and increase efficiency with intuitive solutions. If you’re thinking about custom organization for your family’s garage, here are some storage ideas to consider.

1. Under-the-bench shoe storage. A cubby-style bench by the door allows for easy-access shoe storage, and it gives you a place to sit while you slip your shoes on or off.

garage storage ideas

2. Open basket storage for toys. For family-friendly organization, balls and sports gear need to be readily accessible and easy to put away for kids. Open storage options like wall-mounted mesh storage baskets make a great choice.

3. A complete station for bikes with hooks and hanging baskets. Don’t just get a bike rack – create a bike station! Bikes can easily be hung horizontally or vertically from rubber-coated hooks. Right beside them, wall-mounted hanging baskets can hold helmets, gloves, locks, and more. If you’re more of a moped or motorcycle person, you can create a stylish pit stop, too.

4. Closed cabinetry for golf supplies. For every hobby, there’s a garage storage idea just waiting to be utilized. Mounted wall cabinetry keeps golf supplies clean and dry, while slide-out baskets inside can hold golf balls, gloves, and other accessories.

5. Hooks for fishing poles. Don’t just pile your fishing supplies in the corner – create a lineup that shows off your gear using hooks and wall-mounted baskets for bait kits and more.

6. Cabinetry with hooks and shelving for gardening tools. If you’re a frequent gardener, why not dedicate a section of your garage storage to it? A gardening cabinet can hold hooks for tools like rakes and shovels, as well as open shelving for plant food, fertilizer, and flower pots.

7. A hobbyist’s station. Whether you’re a carpenter, jewelry maker, or inventor, a garage workspace complete with a desk, open and closed storage, and drawers is ideal. Your work process is streamlined and relaxing when your space is well-organized and your supplies are right within reach.

garage storage ideas

8. Drawer trays for specific items. Inside pull-out drawers, drawer trays can be used to organize specific tools and supplies.

9. Scoop-front utility bins for small items. For workspaces that require small parts like nails, screws, and beads, scoop-front utility bins are a perfect storage option. They’re easy to use, and they can be mounted to the wall at your station.

10. Lots of labels. For every storage basket, bin, and box, add a label! This makes finding things you don’t use as often much easier, and clean-up time becomes a breeze for kids.

11. Hooks galore for cords, hoses, and more. Make the most of your garage wall space with hooks. Extension cords and hoses are far too easy to tangle up on the ground, and they also take up lots of space. Hang them up! Tools, dog leashes, keys, coats, and hats can all be organized hook by hook.

12. Elevated cabinetry for flood-prone garages. If you live in Wrightsville or Carolina Beach, you understand how important having everything you care about off the floor can be! Elevated, wall-mounted cabinetry is a great choice for sturdy storage that keep items safe and dry no matter the weather.

garage storage ideas

Custom-Designed Garage Storage Ideas
If you’re looking for great garage storage ideas, Strickland’s Custom Garages can help. Our process begins with an inventory and ends in a custom-designed and fully installed garage organization system. Contact us to get started on yours today.