Organization Solutions for Every Type of Closet

If you stop by Strickland’s Home, our experts will tell you that closet organization should never be a one-trick-pony. We customize closets to fit each customer and assign storage solutions to fit every type, size, and shape of closet. To give you an idea of how we solve the puzzle of closet organization, we thought we’d outline different closet categories and give a little insight into how they can be improved.

  1. The Reach-In Closet: This is one of two main types of closet—umbrella categories, if you will. Reach-in closets are always fairly shallow, ranging from 3 to 8 feet wide with a depth of 24 to 30 inches. They’re often found in kids’ rooms and hallways, as well as in the bedrooms of older homes or smaller apartments.


Organizational Insight:
Reach-in closets are generally designed to house a single rod for hanging clothes and typically only offer limited access because of their depth. But there’s no reason to be stuck with that original layout! We’ll set you up with multiple wardrobe rods that can be tiered and readjusted, plus pull-out baskets and shelves that utilize every inch of space. We can also take stock of your door situation; whether your reach-in closet is contained by a sliding door, hinged doors, or a curtain, there may be a more efficient option.

  1. Walk-in Closet:  Ah, the walk-in closet. It’s most folks’ dream closet situation and it contrasts with the reach-in closet as the other umbrella category. Walk-in closets offer more depth and space than traditional reach-in closets and can be a few square feet or as large as a typical bedroom. They’re often attached to master bedroom suites, include independent lighting, and are more versatile when it comes to storage options.




Organizational Insight: Sure, walk-in closets tend to have generous space—but it won’t do you any good if there are awkward corners and angles or an overall inefficient design. Thoughtful closet organization for walk-ins can include corner shelves, a wall-height shoe rack, a built-in vanity or hutch, and storage that varies in height. And if you’re dreaming of a closet island, you’re in luck: we can customize an island to suit your storage needs and make sure it doesn’t crowd your space while we’re at it.

  1. Linen Closet: Linen closets are usually fairly narrow reach-in closets with the dedicated purpose of storing things like spare sheets, towels, bedding, bathroom supplies, and guest blankets and pillows. They’re often located near the main bath and bedrooms so that they’re accessible to everyone.

Organizational Insight: Linen closets that are tucked into nooks, corners, and other places that may not always be convenient can benefit from adjustable shelves that adapt to your family’s needs and optimize even a small space. Partitions and dividers can also make a world of difference in your linen closet organization. As for linen closets that are located within a bathroom, we’ve got three words for you: ventilated wire shelving. It allows increased airflow, it can be made to pull out, and it works for an easy catchall storage option, too.

  1. Hall Closet: A hall closet is typically a workhorse of a closet. Its location in a home can vary but is usually close to the front door or main entryway. It is commonly a reach-in design, meant to hold winter coats, jackets, hats, sports gear, shoes, boots, and guests’ coats. Sometimes hall closets are actually walk-ins and can be used as overflow storage or a space to store seasonal items and luggage.




Organizational Insight: Since hall closets can serve a variety of purposes, it’s important to tailor the space so that it fits your needs. If it’s a spot for winter coats or guests’ coats, you’ll need hanging rods and hooks. If it’s a spot for overflow toys, games, or sports gear, drawers and shelves are key. Also worth considering: Do you need storage for shoes? Are you taking maximum advantage of vertical space? Would it be helpful to have a specific spot for things like sunglasses, keys, and umbrellas?

  1. Utility Closet: The utility closet is your go-to spot for things like cleaning supplies, a vacuum cleaner, rags, and mops. It’s more industrial than any other closet in a home, with the sole function of helping you keep your home in tip top shape.




Organizational Insight: Okay, so the goal of a utility closet is to hold cleaning supplies—the reality is that it’s often a catchall spot that accumulates other kinds of clutter. We can help make sure your space stays focused by providing cleaning cubbies, bins, and pull-out drawers that will help you keep track of supplies. Hooks, clips, and rods are helpful for clearing up floor space. As for our favorite utility closet organization tip? Leave room within the closet for an electrical outlet that will allow you to charge vacuums and appliances out of sight.

Closets come in different shapes and sizes and so do closet wish-lists. We’ll consider both from all angles — reach out to us to get started!