10 Organization Ideas for the Perfect Playroom Storage

While picking up the playroom isn’t always fun for kids, the ideal playroom storage is designed with them in mind. With intuitive playroom storage, clean up time is easy and (dare we say it?) fun! Your kids can pick up fast, and then move on to dinner, playing outside, or whatever else is next. It’s also educational, as they learn that life is much easier and smoother when your spaces are well organized. With the kids in mind, here are 10 helpful organization ideas for your playroom storage.

  1. Install open cabinetry with hooks and hangers for backpacks, coats, and shoes by the door.
  2. Use pull-out baskets for large, frequently-used, and uniquely-shaped toys, like teddy bears, balls, and dress-up clothes. Open storage is the essence of kid-friendly playroom storage. It makes it easy for kids to find what they need and to put it away when playtime’s over. There’s also no risk of getting fingers stuck in pesky cabinets or container tops.
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  4. Install above-desk open cubbies for easy access to commonly-used items like art supplies, paper, and tablets.
  5. Use bins, baskets, and trays for school and art supplies. For bonus points, channel your inner homeschool teacher and let your kids design and write labels for each one.
  6. Install upper closed-door cabinets for items reserved for special times, like board games and photo albums.
  7. Install a bookcase with shelves arranged bottom-up by maturity level. Arrange children’s books and toys on lower shelves. Use upper shelves to display art projects they’re proud of or to keep no-no items out of reach.
  8. Integrate a desk or table at their height with a large surface area for craft projects and games.
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  10. Create a well-organized entertainment center with special drawers for technology and wires you want to keep out of children’s reach.
  11. Get creative with special spaces, like a reading nook by the window. A window seat with shelving underneath for books makes reading time special and fun.
  12. Take advantage of closet space. You can check out some of our children’s closet organization tips here.

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