Tips for Organizing Your Kids’ Closets

C.S. Lewis’s famous fantasy novel The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe turns 66 this year—which means it’s a great time to celebrate the magic of children’s books and children’s closets. And while our vast closet experience has never revealed an entryway to another world, here at Strickland’s Home we fully believe that organizing your kids’ closets can have life-changing consequences. Here are just a few magical tips to help you take stock of every sock, sweater, and t-shirt:

kids' closets organization tips

  1. A truly magical closet is one that grows with your child

It would be great if your child’s closet could literally grow along with him, à la something from the world of C.S. Lewis or J.K. Rowling. However, you can get the same effect with the help of a customized closet. At Strickland’s, we design kids’ closets with careful consideration as to how the space can be useful for years to come. Since children’s clothes are much shorter than adult versions we provide more hanging bars—often three or four, at varying heights. As your child grows, you can adjust these bars to best suit her needs and her clothes.

kids' closets organization tips

  1. Shared closet? Split the space!

It may seem easier to saw a magical assistant in half than to have two siblings successfully share a closet, but there’s a method to this madness. Treat the situation as if it’s two partners sharing a closet and create a distinct separation within the space. (Our ORG Home products can help with divided shelves, drawers and more.) There can still be shared spots, but this way siblings can feel like they each have their own area.

  1. The magic words are “bins” and “baskets”

A grade-A closet is more than just a cubby with a few hanging rods. Built-in spaces for wire bins and baskets encourage organization by creating different spaces for different things: a bin for your child’s sports equipment, baskets for toys or backpacks. Having a designated spot for gear is an automatic way to make the whole space a bit brighter—and it’ll cut down on the chaos when you need to get ready quickly.

kids' closets organization tips

  1. Think ahead with closet “time-savers”

You don’t have to have mystical psychic powers to know that laundry is in your future. Believe it or not, your kids’ closets can actually help you out—with the right equipment, of course. Pull-out hampers will significantly cut down on your laundry to-do list, but the time-saving ideas don’t end there. Shoe organizers, drawer partitions, and pull-out shelves will reduce the time it takes to get ready in the morning and help the kids develop some independence, too.

  1. Abra-ca-tag-bra: Tags, hangers, and beyond

When you explore a magical world that exists on the other side of your wardrobe, you need a sidekick or two. Performing magic as a major-league magician calls for a helpful assistant. And when you’re organizing a kid’s closet, it never hurts to have some handy tags and hangers. Whether you color-code hangers or label outfits and sizes, having an organization system will establish order in any closet.

We may not be able to give your children a route to Narnia, but we can make sure their closets are all kinds of magical. Visit Strickland’s Home to get started.