7 Creative Ways to Maximize Space in Reach-in Closets

Although we love designing boutique closets and large walk-in closets, you might be surprised by the design challenge we find most gratifying: maximizing space in reach-in closets. Here in Wilmington, often home buyers take smaller closets that come with historic houses in neighborhoods like Forest Hills or Sunset Park and figure there’s little to do with them. In fact, these reach-ins are prime territory for better organization. Here are 6 creative ways to organize and maximize space in reach-in closets.

  1. Utilize space on the doors and walls.
    Have organization systems like knobs and wall racks installed inside your reach-in. Your closet doors can double as storage and getting-ready stations when you add hanging space on them for accessories like jewelry and scarves.
  2. Add slide-out storage racks.
    Slide-out racks are ideal for accessories like ties and belts — both of which are far too easy to tangle up or misplace if they aren’t well-organized inside your closet.
  3. reach-in closets pullout belt rod

  4. Use cubbies and adjustable shelving systems.
    While reach-ins often come with little to no built-in storage, cubbies and adjustable shelves allow for more space for bulky winter sweaters and other accessories best contained in easy-to-access bins and baskets.
  5. Add built-in furniture.
    Reach-in closets have just enough space available for >stylish space-savers like custom-made drawers. Your furniture’s paint or wood stain color can be carefully chosen to match the aesthetic of the rest of the room, too.
  6. reach-in closets built-in drawers

  7. Have shoe fences installed to keep your kicks in place.
    Shoes have a way with wandering out of reach-in closets, but not when they’re carefully held in place right where they belong: at your feet.
  8. Double up on valet rods.
    Hanging long coats and dresses on one rod and shorter blouses and shirts on another rod is a smart way to save space in your closet. The space left underneath blouses and shirts can be used for more storage in your reach-in.
  9. reach-in closets valet rod

  10. Organize in a way that feels natural.
    Because reach-in closets are on the smaller side, opt for organization ideas that make the most sense to you and your needs, like shoe fences on the floor of the closet and eye-level cubbies and open storage for the things you need access to every day.

All of a sudden, these closets are looking a lot larger! To better maximize space in your reach-in closets, contact us at Strickland’s Home and request an appointment today.