How Pantry Organization Makes Your Kitchen Party-Ready

Pantry organization with a professionally-designed pantry benefits you on an everyday basis. It’s simple: life is easier when know where everything is! But it also comes handy when you’re trying to get party-ready. Whether you’re throwing a dinner party, wine tasting, holiday gathering, or just a small get-together, party hosting is much easier when your kitchen pantry is organized. Here are 7 ways a well-organized kitchen pantry preps you for the perfect party.

  1. No more scrounging for proper glasses on the top shelf or the right bottle of wine.
    Thanks to built-in stemware racks, delicate glasses of all sizes and types are attractively on display, within reach, and safeguarded from breaking. The bottle you’re looking for is right where it belongs, too. The built-in horizontal wine bar makes it easy to find the label you want.
  2. Stemware racks add to your pantry organization

  3. Open storage makes finding ingredients and snacks easy.
    Open shelving gives you easy access to everything you need, without having to search through a bunch of drawers. With adjustable and symmetrical shelving, this design makes for a pretty and practical kitchen pantry.
  4. Open shelving for good pantry organization

  5. Serving trays, platters, and boards are right where you need them.
    Thanks to organization experts, vertical dividers in your pantry display the cheeseboard, charcuterie tray, and cutting board you need to prep and display hors d’oeuvres. Dividers are one of many great space savers that make a galley-style pantry feel much bigger and easier to navigate.
  6. Fresh produce is easy to find, too.
    Your fruit and veggie tray will be ready to go in a snap. Sturdy wire and plastic baskets keep produce visible and accessible with a full-extension slider. Thanks to pantry organization and design, you can easily find the produce you need, and it’s beautifully displayed as well.
  7. pantry organization make fresh produce easy to find

  8. Built-in counter surfaces allow you to prep inside the pantry, leaving kitchen counters clean.
    Our professional organizers can install deeper cabinets in your pantry, allowing for more counter space. This is perfect for when party guests have already arrived, but you’re in need of more meal prepping or snacks. It’s also potential space for even more, like a wet bar or a menu-planning nook for the serious party host.
  9. galley style pantry makes for easy party prep

  10. A suite of drawers is specially designed to hold linens, candle holders, serving utensils, and other special occasion supplies.
    Thanks to custom-designed drawers, you can set the perfect table for any gathering, without digging out the proper decor from some box in the closet.
  11. Cleaning supplies are ready for when you need them.
    But they aren’t an eyesore for those who get a glance of your pantry mid-party. Inside a closet space, hooks hold mops and brooms, and everything you need to clean up is right where you need it. But save that for tomorrow — tonight, you’re hosting!

With a professionally organized kitchen pantry, you’re more ready than ever to host the party of the year (or a few!). When everything’s where you need it, having people over is easy, relaxing, and fun. To get started on your pantry organization, consult with the experts at Strickland’s Home.