How Long Should My Custom Curtains Be?

One key factor that differentiates custom curtains from off-the-rack curtains is length. Whereas store-bought curtains are available in only a few lengths (which often fit windows wrong or leave them looking a bit cut off), custom-tailored curtains can be trimmed to suit your unique window treatment design. They can span the length of your doors, stretch floor-to-ceiling, puddle onto the floor, or cut short to complement cafe shutters. In this sense, the ideal length for your curtains depends on your personal style and the specific needs of the space.

Here, we share a simple guide to one of the most common window treatment design questions: How long should my custom curtains be?

Around sill-length or shorter: Practical, crisp, and clean
For custom curtains in high-traffic, splash-prone areas of your home, sill-length curtains or top-of-the-window valances are a no-nonsense, kid-friendly solution. We recommend installing them in your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and children’s bedrooms (especially in nurseries, where your little ones may try to tug on long draperies).

Floor-length: Simply classic
Custom drapes that settle right above the floor are arguably the most popular choice in contemporary window treatment design. Better yet, they’re also easy to dust off and vacuum around. This curtain length can effortlessly blend in with a modern space. Consider taupe curtains in a neutral living room; or, for a more traditional space, patterned drapes in a formal entryway.

Floor to ceiling: Sophisticated and lengthening
Floor-to-ceiling drapes are a stylish option for long, soaring windows and doors as well as rooms with low ceilings in need of lengthening. In general, installing curtain rods high above window frames (as opposed to inside or just above them) can help lengthen the view.

Breaking at the floor: Relaxed and romantic
Drapes that break at the floor just slightly can provide a bohemian, laid-back look ideal for beach house entryways and bedrooms. Because this style is so timeless, it also works for a more refined and traditional style, especially when paired with additional details like clean-cut window boxes, draped valances, or pleating.

custom curtains

Pooling on the floor: Sumptuous and luxurious
For those who dare to venture into luxury design territory, you can’t go wrong with drapery that puddles on the floor. For an ultra-romantic look, sweep your drapes to the side and ask for a layered window treatment design for extra visual interest, depth, and light control. Add trim and gold hardware to transform your living room into an art gallery. With guidance from our professional designers, your window treatments will become an eye-catching centerpiece in themselves.

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Custom Curtains at Strickland’s Home
Ultimately, the length of your curtains depends on a variety of factors and your personal aesthetic. That’s why our Strickland’s Home designers offer a free on-site consultation as part of our design process. To begin envisioning your custom drapes, request an appointment or visit our showroom where you can view our fabric selections and chat with a representative in person.