Custom Garage Investment Levels

How Much Will My Custom Garage Cost?

Often, this is one of the first questions we hear from customers considering a custom garage makeover. To help you better understand what your budget will buy, here’s a summary of the products typically selected at each level of investment. Naturally, pricing rises based on the scope and scale of your garage makeover; and since every garage is custom-designed, your project may look different from what we list here:

The Standard Garage — $1,000-$4,000

With a standard custom garage makeover, you receive the basic components of a well-organized garage:

  • A portion of slat wall frees up valuable floor space in your garage yet keeps your inventory right within reach. Heavy-duty hooks, hangers, and baskets provide streamlined storage for gardening rakes, power tools, hoses, extension cords, and more.
  • A storage cabinet protects your inventory and provides space for wire baskets and bins on sturdy, high-quality shelving. On the upper end of a standard garage project, you can also install a small storage configuration, such as wall-mounted cabinetry with a built-in workspace.
  • Some overhead storage allows you to take advantage of unused space, keeping holiday decor and bins out of the way until you need them.

The Luxury Garage — $4,000-$10,000

Leveling up to a luxury garage allows for more comprehensive storage of all the family’s sporting goods, tools, holiday decorations, and “toys.” You can expect:

  • A larger expanse of slat wall with more space for your beach umbrellas, folding chairs, and large yard work and carpentry tools.
  • A larger storage configuration with soft-close cabinetry and custom-fit shelving to house golf clubs, gardening supplies, or other equipment for hobbies.
  • Greater overhead storage for bicycles, bins and small watercraft, such as a kayak or canoe.

The Premium Garage — $10,000-$15,000

If you’re interested in more an organized garage and you’d like to turn your space into, say, a workshop, personal auto shop, or party hangout, consider a Premium Garage which will also include:

  • Wall-to-wall slat wall.
  • Even larger storage configurations complete with workspaces, built-in wall organizers, cubbies, and custom-designed cabinetry for every piece of your inventory.
  • Epoxy or modular flooring.
  • Overhead storage for any of your extra bins, bikes, and watercraft.

The Ultimate Garage — $15,000 and up

With a generous budget, the sky’s the limit. Some team members call an Ultimate Garage the “Mac Daddy” of garages, and for good reason. Just imagine:

  • As much slat wall as you need throughout your garage space.
  • Wall-to-wall storage configurations including glass cases to display your prized possessions such as awards, trophies, and collectibles.
  • Built-in workspaces with custom cabinetry, countertops, and wall organizers.
  • Epoxy or modular flooring, available in custom-designed patterns such as borders for your classic cars or vintage-style checkerboard.
  • Overhead storage for all of your extra bins, bikes, and watercraft.
  • Car lifts to create extra space for your entire collection of motor vehicles.

Investing in Your Garage

At Strickland’s, we’ll work with you and your budget to create the garage of your dreams. Whether you want to improve your organization, create a workspace, increase resale value, or transform your space entirely, there’s an investment level to fit your individual needs.

Learn more about our process or come see us at our showroom to get started.

custom garage investment levels


custom garage investment levels