Arch Shutters: Everything You Need to Know

At Strickland’s Home, we’re happy to offer custom treatments for windows of all sizes, and arch shutters are one of our favorite ways to dial up the design of your space. If you’re considering arched windows (or you just moved into a home with them), you might be wondering what to do with such uniquely-shaped windows. Should you cover them with fabric window treatments, light-filtering shades, or plantation shutters? If you’re a fan of the traditionally-southern look of plantation shutters, here’s what you need to know about arch shutters.

They’re are also known as sunburst arch shutters. As arch shutters often create a pattern that looks like rays of the sun with each louver circling the base, they’re sometimes referred to as sunburst arch shutters.

eye-catching choice.


That’s not the only option for your arched windows and doors, though. Arch shutters can also be installed to match the curve of your windows without a separate arch section. This allows for a simple, modernized design and unified light control. If you’ve moved into a home with arch windows in your bedroom, you may want to consider this option to better filter light – especially if you live in downtown Wilmington or on the coast, where light pollution might disrupt your sleep.

They allow for complete light control as well. While arch shutters often allow light to flood in between the louvers, others can be installed with a more solid-wood sunburst design on top of your windows or doors for a dignified, traditional aesthetic.

arch shutters

They can match any design or style. A surprisingly versatile window treatment, they’re available in a number of colors, wood grains, and styles. Consider crisp white shutters for a coastal chic style, light wood shutters for a more Mediterranean look, or rich dark wood shutters for a traditional home.

arch shutters

Strickland’s Home: Whether you’ve inherited arch windows and you’re not sure what to do with them; or, you’re building a dream home with bursts of sunshine in mind, arch shutters offer plenty of design possibilities. To get started, contact us for a free on-site consultation or visit our showroom at Strickland’s Home in Wilmington, North Carolina.