How to Improve Small Spaces with Smart House Storage

If you’re looking to improve your house storage, organizing your reach-ins and walk-ins is a good place to start, but what about the rest of your home? Often, we neglect to organize small spaces like the hall closet, oddly-shaped alcoves, the space under the stairs, the attic, and even nooks and niches. But as our team of savvy interior designers at Strickland’s Home will show you, these spaces are full of untapped potential. Here, how to make the most of your small storage spaces.

  1. Streamline your hall closet with shelving, baskets, and hooks. While narrow hallway closets or corner efficiency closets are often reduced to throwaway space, they’re ideal for storing all sorts of everyday essentials. Transform yours into a stylish linen closet with adjustable shelving, baskets, and even bathroom kits for house guests, or create a cleaning closet with hooks for brooms and mops and heavy-duty shelves for cleaners and supplies.
  2. Transform the space under the stairs into an attractive entryway. If the space under your stairs is open and unused, opt for a built-in drop-zone with cubbies and hooks for bags and backpacks, a bench, and underfoot shoe storage. Even a small set of stairs can provide space for a few cubbies. You’ll be amazed at what a touch of organization can do for one of the busiest spaces in your home.
  3. Turn niches and nooks into mini-displays for family heirlooms, photos, and more. Got plenty of niches and nooks in your historic Wilmington home, but no idea what to do with them? Upgrade yours with built-in lighting and display your most prized possessions, from framed family photos to collectibles, vases, and art. Throughout your home, niches can also be used for task-focused storage, such as a mini-mail station by the door or in the mudroom.
  4. Lighten up your attic with built-in lighting and wall-to-wall shelving. Chances are, all your attic needs to become a high-quality storage space is more light and thoughtful organization solutions. Durable wall-to-wall shelving can hold the heaviest of storage bins, and as part of our process, our designers will help you sift through your inventory to find intuitive storage solutions for everything. Add built-in lighting, and you’ll never have to shuffle through a pile of saggy boxes in the dark again.
  5. Upgrade your alcove with built-in shelving and a reading nook or desk. Alcoves provide extra space, but often in the unlikeliest shapes and sizes. Use yours for a hideaway office space or reading nook with built-in shelving, overhead lighting, and even a desk space or bench.
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Making the Most of Your House Storage
With the help of professional designers and installers, there’s no space too small for high-quality house storage solutions. Maximize every space in your home with Strickland’s Home. Give us a call or swing by our showroom to see our latest offerings.