As any dedicated collector knows, a treasured collection is more than just a hobby — it’s a long-term relationship. So why not show off that part of your personality by displaying your collection for the whole world to see? Because we fully support your collection commitment, we’ve gathered a few ideas for how to organize collections to their maximum potential.

For the antique toy car collector: Your toy car collection is likely already sitting on shelves, but why not take it a step further? Shelving with sophisticated hardware is a great way to contrast a contemporary cool aesthetic with antique charm that can easily be incorporated into a media room or office. You can also consider displaying your miniature mobiles in the same place you park your real-life ride—the garage! We can set you up with both a garage-oriented display case and a workbench for tinkering with your antiques.

Collection of antique toy cars

For the jewelry and bauble buff: You fully admit to being attracted to shiny things—and we can’t blame you! Your jewelry collection is a beautiful thing to behold, but it’s definitely a collection that begs for some organization. We suggest outfitting your closet with pull-out jewelry trays (velvet-lined and lockable) for Grandma’s passed-down pearls and earrings sets and then making a statement with your statement necklaces: strategically placed hooks will turn your jewelry into wearable wall art for your bedroom or closet.

Organize Collections of Jewelry with Custom Jewelry Trays

For the pottery devotee: You just can’t resist a pretty dish…or vase, or bowl, or serving platter. Your family may tease you about your pottery infatuation but you know that these are the things that make gatherings (and table settings) extra special. You can organize your pottery collection by making your pantry step up and help you out. Try a combination of open shelving and plate stands for your favorite plates. Take advantage of space-efficient corner shelving to show off your ceramics. Vertical storage dividers are perfect for platters and trays. And don’t forget that the color/finish of shelves and cabinetry can turn your collection into a showstopper.

Stricklands Pantry

For the #1 sports fan: You’re the biggest fan of your favorite team and you’ve got the collectible cards, posters, signed ball, and replica trophies to prove it. Time to organize your collection with some MVP planning. Cabinets with glass doors and built-in, integrated lighting will show off your treasured items and keep them safe from curious kids, too. (Hey, we’ve seen The Sandlot!) A built-in media center can work in your entertainment room (or Man Cave) and organize your sports collections, too.

For the typewriter lover: From the clickety-clack of the keys to the big nostalgia factor, there’s just something about typewriters, right? We think this particular collection deserves attention-grabbing organization. Think: custom shelving built around a murphy bed, a sleek countertop that can double as a desk, and corner shelving that will catch the eye. All of these options can be adapted for your entertainment room, home office, or even your entryway, so there’s no limit to how you can organize and share your writing machines.

We love to organize collections so that your favorite things elicit all the oohs and aahs they deserve. If you’ve got a collection that needs some help, stop by Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization today!