Reach-Ins vs. Walk-Ins: Why Reach-In Closets Deserve Organization Systems, Too

At Strickland’s Home, one of the most common misconceptions we encounter is that reach-in closets don’t need custom organization. People assume that professionally-designed closet systems are only for large-scale projects and luxurious walk-ins, not the guest bedroom reach-in or laundry room closet. In fact, reach-in closets often benefit the most from custom organization. With this in mind, here’s our guide to reach-in closet organization.

What constitutes a reach-in closet versus a walk-in closet?

  • Reach-in closets are commonly found in hallways, entryways, children’s rooms, laundry rooms, and bedrooms of older homes. Typically, they come with a single rod for hanging clothes under a shelf.
  • Walk-in closets are commonly found in master bedrooms and bathrooms. They range from 5-12 feet wide or more, with 5-17 feet in depth.

reach-in closets versus walk-in closets

What are the standard dimensions of a reach-in?
Reach-ins range anywhere from 3 to 8 feet wide with a depth of only 24 to 30 inches.

What are the considerations designers make when working with a reach-in?
Reach-in closets are some of our designers’ favorite challenges. As part of our design process, they meet with you, take measurements of your reach-in, complete an inventory, and create an organization plan. Here are some of the considerations our designers will use when planning your ideal organizational system:

  • What storage systems are needed for your inventory?
  • Are double hanging rods or multiple hanging systems needed? Can drawers or open storage like bins and baskets be utilized? What about racks and adjustable shelving?
  • What is the best arrangement for storage in terms of accessibility and ease of use?
  • How can elements like hanging rods and shelves be custom-fit to use every inch of available space?
  • Of course, this leads us to one of the most common questions about reach-ins:

How do reach-in custom closets maximize space?
There are multiple tricks of the trade designed to maximize reach-in closet space. Here are a few of our favorite space-savers:

  • Take advantage of space on doors and walls with knobs and racks.
  • Utilize slide-out valet racks for accessories like scarves, belts, ties, and jewelry.
  • Install storage systems with drawers, cubbies, and adjustable shelving.
  • Use open storage bins and baskets.
  • Double your hanging space with upper and lower hanging rods.
  • Maximize vertical space with low shelving for shoes and upper shelving for larger bins.

reach-in closets versus walk-in closets

Your Dream Reach-In
As you can see, there are all sorts of reasons why reach-ins make ideal spaces for custom closet organization. With professional organization and installation, a custom reach-in closet becomes far more than the hanging rod and shelf it was originally designed to be. Ready to upgrade your reach-in closets? Contact us at Strickland’s Home to get started today.