If you think about it, the idea that success requires preparation is built into every aspect of our society. It’s why we practice before job interviews. It’s why we conduct fire drills. It’s why Olympic athletes work, train, and become the Final Five. It’s also why we in the closet business encourage customers to do some prep work before getting started on their dream closet. Here are a few questions that will help you (and your closet designer) nail down the details—and lead to success all around.


1. How many people will use this closet?:  Will this dream closet be a “mine, all mine” situation or a shared space? Keep in mind, the latter can mean a closet that’s shared with a spouse, guests, storage, and more. A professional closet designer can customize based on how a closet will be used and just who will use it with separated sections, specific dimensions, and other personal touches.

2. What are the pros and cons of your current closet?: Our designers can help you maximize what you already love about your closet and improve all the things that drive you crazy. Take stock of your existing space and decide what aspects need to go, what can be improved, and what makes you happy.


3. Do you have any special closet needs?: As any closet designer will tell you, one of the top perks of professional closet design is being able to customize to your heart’s desire. This can include extended shoe shelves for those with large footwear, jewelry displays for sparkly collections, integrated lighting for dark areas, and more.

4. What kind of style do you want your dream closet to have?: Closets aren’t just places to house the latest styles; they can also be designed with style in mind! When you picture your ideal closet design, is it traditional or contemporary? Coastal white or warm mahogany? Does it match your bedroom design or contrast with it?

5. What type of storage does your closet need?: Storage is an ever-important closet design detail. To reach full storage success, you’ll need to think about not only how much storage you need but also what type: shelves, drawers, space for seasonal items or equipment.

Stricklands Closet Evon

6. Will your closet be expected to multitask or be totally devoted to one thing?: Your professional closet designer can outfit your space to be a beautiful workhorse or a specialty showstopper. On the one hand: a closet with an island for folding or planning outfits, a fold-out ironing board, and more. On the other: An organized closet that shows off your wardrobe.

7. What are your wardrobe habits?: Take a look at your current closet and then think about your day-to-day habits. Do you like to sort clothes by season or occasion? Do you like to keep shirts at eye level? Do you have a preferred way to fold or store socks, pants, and accessories?

Knitting clothes on wooden shelf

8. Does your current closet have unused space?: If an unfulfilled nook or cranny in your closet has you feeling down, then talking to a professional closet designer will definitely help. We’ll figure out the most efficient way to use your space and work with your closet’s layout until it works for you.

9. Do you want extra closet accessories like a vanity, mirror, or seating?: For a closet design with added convenience and a dash of luxury, consider including accessories that will both upgrade the look of your space and help you get ready quickly.

10. Are you ready to make your closet be all it can be?: Now that you’ve answered these questions, your final answer is “Yes!”

Taking time to consider these questions will certainly help make your dream closet a whopping success. For more closet designer information, stop by Strickland’s today!