You’ve Got Questions; We’ve Organized Some Answers.

Why should I hire a professional Organizational Systems Designer?

I’ve never worked with a professional designer before. How does it work?

I already know what I want my space to look like. Do I still need a designer?

Does it matter how large or small my project is?

Can you send me a catalog?

How can I order the product?

Will someone come to my house/office and design for me?

How long will my project take?

How long does installation take?

Are ORG systems attached to the wall or floor-mounted?

Can I install the product myself?

What materials are used to make ORG Home products?

Your products seem a bit pricier than those of your competitors. Why?

What should I prepare for your initial consultation? Is there a fee?

How much does an ORG closet or organizational system cost?

How accurate are your estimates?

How do I get started?