Throw pillows are one of the simplest ways to give your sofa that polished, designer look. While finding complementary draperies, fabrics, and pillows is an exciting part of custom-designing your living space, arranging these pillows can be a challenge. There are just so many combinations to choose from! The good news is there are numerous ways to stylishly display pillows on your sofa. Here are 9 creative arrangements we love:

9 Creative Ways to Arrange Throw Pillows on Your Sofa

  1. Keep it simple: You can’t go wrong with a neutral-colored sofa and two matching throw pillows on each end. A light linen-colored couch with two faded blue stripe pillows captures the essence of coastal calm and relaxation. This look is perfect for a cottage on Topsail Island or vacation home at Wrightsville Beach. To add more pattern play but maintain symmetry, add two more matching pillows for a double-framed sofa.
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  3. Stick to complementary colors and patterns: Another no-fail arrangement, choosing pillows in matching colors and patterns adds visual interest without overwhelming the eye. These patterned blue and white pillows add a perfect amount of color and design to a neutral sectional.
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  5. Complement the rest of the room: Throw pillows aren’t just accessories – when professionally arranged, they can bring the entire room together. Choose pillows with patterns, textures, and colors that match or are inspired by the rest of the room’s decor. These brown, cream, and rust-colored throw pillows bring a living room together by pulling their color from an intricately patterned rug. These pink, yellow, and green pillows pull their color from a rug and matching lamp.
  6. Soften contemporary couches with especially soft throw pillows: Hard, simple lines can make contemporary spaces feel cold. If you’re working with a modern couch, balance it out with super soft, textured throw pillows. In an eclectic living room, big, furry throw pillows with a tossed-on look add a playful touch and warmth to a brown leather sofa.
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  8. Go eclectic: If simplicity isn’t your style and you prefer statement pieces in your space, why not go for an eclectic grouping of pillows? Architectural Digest calls this on-trend look “perfectly mismatched.” An eclectic-style couch mixes and matches pillows with a wide variety of patterns, colors, styles, and textures. In a crisp white modern space, an eclectic arrangement adds lots of energy and warmth. In a contemporary space, pillows with slant similarities — like shades of green and a bird theme — delight the eye.
  9. Create pillowy clusters: Generally, throw pillows are arranged large to small from the edges of the sofa to the center (see our step-by-step guide to arranging pillows here). But sometimes, it’s fun (and stylish!) to break the rules. On an overstuffed sofa, clusters of three large pillows look wonderfully welcoming.
  10. Give wild patterned pillows some order — with symmetry: If you’re a pattern lover, one way to use all of the patterns you love (without overwhelming the room!) is to arrange them symmetrically. Pattern-rich pillows in room-complementing colors work together when they’re all lined up.
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  12. Play with variations on a theme: Whether your theme is a type of pattern, a mix of colors, or a set of textures, one creative way to arrange pillows is with each one as a variation on the same theme. In this contemporary living room, pillows in varying styles and sizes create variations on stripes. They also draw a myriad of colors form the beach scene painting above.
  13. Feature your favorite: For some of us, it’s hard to commit to just one pillow arrangement. What if you change your mind? What if you want to change your color scheme with the seasons? Well, why not? Choose base pillows in a neutral color and a handful of mix and match pillows to switch out as feature pieces, like this fun zebra print throw pillow.
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Feeling inspired? Ready to get creative with your throw pillows? Contact us at Strickland’s Draperies & Fabrics. We’ll help you custom design the perfect fabrics for your space, complete with professionally-arranged throw pillows.