The Murphy bed and the good old pull-out couch are fierce competitors when it comes to the best foldable bed. Everybody loves a good pull-out couch, and Murphy beds can convert craft rooms and offices into bedrooms secret-agent-style. But should you go for simple, tried and true, or complex, stylish and versatile? Here are a few things to think about if you’re considering the Murphy bed versus the pull-out couch.

Murphy beds from Strickland's Home & Home Organization

Both the Murphy bed and the pull-out couch are beloved for their versatility. The Murphy bed, also known as the wall bed, fold-out bed, and fold-up bed, can hideaway in many forms. Vertically-folding double and queen-sized beds can fold up into wardrobes, entertainment center doors, or closet doors. Side-folding twin-sized beds can double as desks, display shelves, or storage units. The pull-out couch, on the other hand, is couch by day and bed by night. When it comes to choosing a winner in this debate, it depends on what you want to do with the room when the bed’s not in use. The Murphy bed frees up space for other furniture and activities, whereas the pull-out couch is more of a one-trick pony: couch-to-bed.

Murphy beds can fully disappear from sight, against the wall or inside a closet space. Because of their hideability, Murphy beds can easily fold up for an especially cozy home office, a children’s playroom/nap area, a deceptively spacious studio apartment/bedroom, or an exercise room/craft room/guest room. Pull-out couches, on the other hand, aren’t nearly as easy to hide. Still, they do come in multiple designs, styles, and sizes, which can blend into a living room or guest room.

Murphy bed hidden behind book shelves in this traditional home office

Murphy bed hidden behind sliding book shelves.

Last but not least, the comfort factor is an extremely important consideration in this great debate. Pull-out beds get a bad rep for squeaky, uncomfortable springs and far-too-thin mattresses. Murphy beds, on the other hand, threaten to eat you up like poor Charlie Chaplin if you don’t have them carefully installed by professionals. The comfort debate always comes down to the mattress, though. Murphy beds come with a wood base that supports a mattress, with no need for uncomfortable box springs. Murphy beds use standard-sized mattresses like any other bed, whereas mattresses for pull-out couches tend to be a little less comfy.

Murphy bed from Strickland's Home & Home Organization Wilmington NC

The Final Round
Pull-out couches are simple and sweet, but ultimately, Murphy beds are more multifunctional and can blend into different spaces more easily. Whether it’s a Library Murphy Bed, a Bi-Fold Murphy Bed, or a Flip-Up Desk Murphy Bed, Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization can help you find a bed that fits your needs and gives you more space. Come see our showroom or schedule an appointment today.