If you have a window treatment design challenge, but aren’t sure where to start, Strickland’s Home can help.  Here are some of the frustrations we commonly hear and some of our suggestions to get you back on track.  See a challenge that looks familiar? Come in and consult with one of our pros for a more detailed, custom solution:

  1. Feeling Cornered?  ‘Cornered’ refers to a specific design problem where two windows back up to each other in a corner. While this can often befuddle amateur home decorators, the pros have the perfect answer: hang a single panel in between the two and match it on either side!
  2. Is That Your Finial Answer?  Finials are the fancy little doodads on the end of the curtain rod that can add all sorts of style to your window. From elaborate curlicues to solid spheres, or even crystals, these are a perfect way to add a flourish to your window covering design.  Little things mean a lot, and with finials, that statement couldn’t be more true.
  3. Dealing with a Full Plate?  We’re not talking about that overwhelming, bloated feeling you get after eating Thanksgiving dinner.  In the world of window coverings, fullness is something you want! Fullness refers to the lovely effect that happens when your curtains are the proper width. Two to three times the width of the window is typically the desired amount, in order to ensure that your curtains don’t look deflated.  Unguided, homeowners often don’t go full enough, creating a less than desirable effect for their window treatments.
  4. In a Puddle of Tears Over Uninspiring Windows?  If you’re looking to create a sense of romance or a lush, old-world-decor, consider puddling.  Request curtains made 3-15 inches longer than they need to be to allow them to ‘puddle’ on your floor for a rich, sophisticated look.
  5. Wishing You Could Tilt the Scale?  Coverings for large windows don’t need to be boring or plain. Find something that works with your aesthetic and style, and allow the window to be a bright focal point in your room.  We can help you choose the proper pattern and scale for window treatments that will enhance your room.
  6. Want to Get in the Swing of Things?  One of the newest trends in window covering design, swing rods allow for a small, draped curtain, on a rod that opens out like a shutter as needed. They’re perfect for kids’ rooms, or offices!
  7. Is Your Design Hanging in the Valance? Ideal for small windows that may not need full privacy covering, or large ones who need a bit more ‘oomph’ than curtains than offer, a valance drapes over the top of the window, and can evoke any aesthetic, from country handkerchiefs to draping opulence.
    Country Woods® Classics™ blinds with Cordlock by Hunter Douglas provide a warm wood look, proving that warmth in a room doesn't always come from the fireplace!

There’s no window covering frustration that the pros at Strickland’s Home in Wilmington, NC can’t solve. These are just a few of the unique elements we consider when designing your custom window covering solution. Come into the showroom in Wilmington, NC and consult with one of our design professionals to learn more.