The Wall Street Journal highlighted a popular trend in window coverings: soft sheers used as high-end window treatments. According to the Wall Street Journal, “some interior designers are looking for inspiration to women’s fashion—specifically to the wispy, sheer blouses and pullovers more women are layering over camisoles and tank tops. The result is a layered, see-through window treatment, whether sheer curtains over half-opened shades, or textured curtains over sheer shades.”


For homeowners who eschew the heavier look of traditional drapery, multilayered sheers give a finished look and still allow light to filter through. Paired with solar shades, these beautiful drapes can reduce the heat in a room, while maintaining an airy feel.  Depending on your chosen fabric, sheer draperies can be used with all kinds of décor, from formal rooms to more relaxed coastal-inspired homes.


If you are a fan of warm light and beautiful views, you might be interested in this new trend of UV-filtering shades matched with layers of sheer fabric for delicate window treatments.


Sheers are often compared to lingerie for their feminine appeal, but they can also provide a boost of masculine style. One high-end designer, Miles Redd, told Architectural Digest:  “We used a marvelous fabric—Rogers & Goffigon Gasoline—in [architect] Gil Schafer’s country house. It’s a paper-thin handkerchief linen, and we used it on every window. It creates a unifying theme and lends a masculine aesthetic.”


The one key to this look? Making sure to layer fabrics generously for an appropriately rich look. You want the lush period appeal of Merchant-Ivory films, as “designers warn that sheer layers can look chintzy if relying solely on inexpensive fabrics” or overly severe lines.
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