How to Organize and Streamline Your Medical Office

As you may know, Brunswick County, N.C., is the fastest-growing county in North Carolina. It’s even in the top 50 fastest-growing counties in the nation. People want to live in the area for a number of reasons, but most of it stems from the climate, the recreation, the proximity to the beach, and the relaxed pace of living.

A large percentage of the newest Brunswick County residents are retirees moving down from the Northeast. They want to stay close to home, but they also want a more forgiving climate, so they move into the new communities that are being built in the area, like St. James Plantation, Brunswick Forest, or Magnolia Greens. What comes along with a large influx of retirees, though, is the need for a large influx of medical offices to serve the growing population.

Many residents are serviced by newer, centrally located medical centers like the Brunswick Novant Medical Center. However, more and more frequently, we’re seeing retirement-centric communities that also feature retail outlets, services, and medical offices inside the complex itself.

If you’re a medical professional who’s working with the influx of new Brunswick County residents — or if you’ve just moved down yourself to set up your practice — you might be in need of some dire organizational support!

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Lucky for you, Strickland’s Closets and Home Organization works with the commercial sector, too, and we specialize in helping medical professionals streamline their office storage systems.

  • Organization is the Key to a Healthy Work Environment. With lots of patients needing late-in-life medical care, it’s important to keep your office as organized as possible. We have a wide spectrum of options that can help you, from easy-access open-plan shelving to cubbies and baskets to restricted storage space for medical supplies.
  • A Good Atmosphere Makes for Happy Patients. We’re no strangers to the idea that a positive outlook can greatly improve a patient’s prognosis. And the details of your office can play a huge role in a patient’s comfort and anxiety levels. Attention to detail is where Strickland’s shines; we prioritize clean lines, visually pleasing cabinetry, and offer an almost unlimited variety of cabinet colors.
  • Streamlined Filing Provides a Better Experience for Patients. It seems like the news is always covering medical centers’ administrative mix-ups. Files misplaced, charts switched, insurance information lost — no doctor wants their practice to be the one featured on that kind of newscast. With our help, you can ensure you have the proper space and system for filing all the paperwork that comes across your desk. Better filing equals faster service, and faster service equals satisfied patients — guaranteed.
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    Ready to refocus and organize your medical practice? Stop by Strickland’s showroom today to speak with an expert about how to implement better storage solutions in your workplace.