There’s nothing like the absolute contentment and melt-in-bed bliss that comes with sinking into a wonderfully comfortable layered bed. Chances are, your bed already has the comfort staples ready – nice sheets, pillows, and duvet – but how can you get the full luxuriousness of a layered bed? Here are a few tips on how to get the look and feel of a luxurious bed in your home.

How to Get the Luxuriously Layered Bed Look

  1. Start with a clean base: A layered bed needs to start with a strong base, and you can’t go wrong with crisp and classic white sheets and pillowcases. White bedding moves seamlessly from season to season and gives you a satisfyingly simple space to end your day once you’ve cuddled underneath layers of bedding.
  2. Mix and match accent pillows: While it’s great to have pillow shams that match your quilt, for a more layered look, add accent pillows with their own bold patterns and prints. Don’t feel like the pillows have to match perfectly – common threads like color scheme will bring the bed together just enough, while contrasting textures will up the layers. This is the perfect place to pick one accent pillow that really stands out as a conversation piece for your bed.
  3. luxurious bed accents

  4. Contrast patterns and texture: A layered bed isn’t just blankets on blankets and pillows on pillows. One key to getting a layered look is contrasting patterns and textures that build on one another. In this bed, accent pillows with a white base and controlled, geometric patterns in light colors provide a great contrast to a bold, tropical deep green banana leaf print. Furry throws or bright and bold blankets at the end of the bed can also add interest and warmth.
  5. luxurious bed look

  6. Fold and drape away: While intriguing pillows and shams add visual interest, so too does the way you make the bed. Folded top sheets and blankets as well as folded quilts and duvets create an ever-more inviting layered look as they ripple off the edge of the bed. As fall and winter approach, draped throws and thick accent blankets add additional layers as well. Wondering how magazine bedding manages to always look so plush? Often, they’re stuffed with two down feather inserts rather than one. To get the layered look with your duvet, fold it in half with the ends toward the end of the bed. Then fold it over again, doubling the volume.
luxurious bed look

Aaaah, now that’s how a layered bed should look and feel! Looking to update and layer your bedding? Contact Strickland’s Draperies & Fabrics to get started on your custom-designed bedding today. Our expert designers will talk you through the entire process, from fabric selection to layered bed arrangement.