How to Make Your Kitchen Pantry Instagram-Worthy

Let’s be honest: An Instagram-worthy kitchen pantry is hard to come by! For most of us, a glance inside the pantry means a mixed assortment of pastas, folded-over bags of beans and rice, flour dust, and cans galore. But with the expert designers and installers at Strickland’s Home and a touch of inspiration, a picture-perfect pantry can be yours. Tired of checking expiration dates and sifting through cereal boxes? Here, a few tips on how professional organization solutions can give your pantry the Instagram-ready look.

1. Start with clear containers. Decant your food and give it the storage it deserves. Airtight glass or plastic storage containers keep your food fresh and allow for you to find dry goods, pasta, and cereals in a few seconds rather than minutes. Not to mention, the photo-ready line-up is beautiful!

2. Label away. Stylish labels not only allow for quick and easy organization—they also give your kitchen pantry and polished and personalized look. You’ll want visitors to take a look.

kitchen pantry on Instagram

3. Add counter space and closed storage. For a butler-style pantry, make room for food and drink prep (and lunch-packing!) with built-in counters and cabinetry below for extra storage, kitchen appliances, and plastic food storage containers. When the time comes to entertain, you’ll be thankful for the extra space—especially if you add party-ready features like a kitchen pantry bar with wine and liquor storage.

4. Don’t forget pull-out drawers. While open storage is popular for easy reach-in access to snacks and staples, pull-out drawers provide a more orderly look for your pantry space. They can be used for spices, bottles, root vegetables, and even towels and placemats. Grouping them by section makes finding food and beverages much easier when you’re in a hurry.

kitchen pantry with pull-out baskets

5. Create a special cookbook nook. As you’re designing your dream kitchen pantry, remember to allow extra shelving for your favorite cookbooks and magazines. Consider color-coding them for an especially Instagram-friendly aesthetic, or arranging them by type of cuisine for ease of use.

6. Install shelves up to the ceiling. One thing you’ll notice about a great custom-designed kitchen pantry is that there’s always room for more. With high shelving, you leave extra room for seasonal dishware, items and supplies bought in bulk (hello, Costco!), or even blank space that enhances the room’s feng shui.

kitchen pantry with floor-to-ceiling shelves

7. Use adjustable shelving for the perfect fit. Another staple of an Instagram-worthy kitchen pantry? Everything is in its right place, with just enough space to fit. With thousands of customization options for adjustable shelving and storage, our designers will help you make sure your entire inventory is taken care of, from cans and spices to large baskets and bins.

8. Collect away with Lazy Susans for condiments. If you’re a gourmand, you know just how much space specialty oils, vinegars, and condiments can take up. To keep yours organized in a visually-pleasing way, use Lazy Susans to arrange them by cuisine or type.

Your Instagram-Ready Kitchen Pantry
If your kitchen pantry isn’t as Instagram-worthy as your beautiful family or your last vacation, we won’t judge. At Strickland’s Home, we understand that life doesn’t always leave room for organization. For this reason, our process is streamlined with you in mind: We’ll take a look at your space, listen to your needs and ideas, and then design and install it all according to your schedule. To get started, give us a call to schedule a free on-site consultation. Or, visit our showroom to see and test our organization products in person.