We spend a third of our lives in bed — so don’t we deserve the bed of our dreams, complete with custom bedding and all of the accessories? At Strickland’s Draperies & Fabrics, we certainly think so! Making the bed of your dreams requires far more than a great comforter and a handful of pillows, though. Here’s how to build your dream bed, with all of the stylish and comfy components you need.

How to Make the Bed of Your Dreams With Custom Bedding

1. Start with a great base.
Whether you choose a feminine, upholstered headboard or a sturdy, metal frame, you want to start with a great base for your bed. Consult with the experts for a mattress that suits your preferences, and top it with mattress pads for added comfort and protection.

custom bedding

2. Add sheets and pillowcases.
We’ve waxed poetic about the perfect bed sheets before, because gorgeous custom bedding deserves the sheets and pillowcases to match. Crisp cotton or linen sheets are ideal for breathability in our coastal North Carolina climate, though you may want softer sateen or flannel sheets come winter.

3. Pile on the custom bedding.
Bed skirts are a must-have to deflect dust particles and keep your bed clean — hence their nickname, dust ruffles. They can also add a beautiful touch of color. Pile on the comforter or duvet, and top it off with a coverlet for an added layer of warmth.

4. Add all of the pillows.
While some people are perfectly happy with just a handful of pillows on their bed, for the rest of us, there are accent pillows to arrange. Euro shams provide a sizeable, cushiony base for your pillow ensemble — some designers even double-layer them. Be sure to choose accent pillows in contrasting fabrics, textures, and patterns — unless you’d prefer a unified, crisp and clean look. This is where having the advice of a professional designer is key, as there are endless options for customization, and the proper arrangement is a challenge to perfect.

custom bedding

5. Add a comfy, end-of-bed blanket.
Is there anything as soothing as climbing into bed, pulling up the sheets and covers, and then topping it all off with a wonderfully soft blanket? Throws and quilts make for great finishing pieces for a comfy and casual look.

custom bedding

Your Dream Bed
We spend far too much time in bed to not give ourselves the most comfortable sleep environment possible. As it turns out, a comfy bed is good for your health, too! To get started on the custom bedding of your dreams, contact us at Strickland’s Draperies & Fabrics. We’ll help you create the dream bed you deserve.