Eco-Friendly Facts About Bamboo Shades

On the hunt for a shade option that is stylish, affordable, and made from one of the planet’s most fascinating renewable resources? Step into the Strickland’s Home showroom in Wilmington, NC, for a look at our bamboo shades and window coverings.

Did you know that some species of bamboo grow up to three feet per day? Amazing, and when woven into stylish home shades, bamboo is widely considered to be one of the plants that can save the planet. Bamboo shades are perfect for sun rooms, living rooms, offices and any part of your home that could benefit from a little 21st century eco-cool.


Did you know individual bamboo fibers are stronger even than wood fibers, making them less likely to warp over time? It’s true! Bamboo shades can be made into polished slats, organic-looking blinds, or even woven into fibers for a fabric-style look. With versatility and strength, bamboo shades are an amazing choice for any homeowner.

Did you know that bamboo is harvested in five to seven years, unlike the decades required for other woods? It’s true! This rapid harvest cycle is key to bamboo’s success as a sustainable miracle plant. Additionally, woven bamboo options can allow light to filter beautifully into a room for a unique, soft-filtered lighting effect. If more complete light coverage is required, bamboo window coverings can be combined with blackout or other liners for ideal lighting in your home.


Did you know that bamboo does not require fertilizer or pesticides for ideal growth? No bull – bamboo gets all of the nutrients it needs from the discarded leaves of the plant. Woven bamboo curtains often feature beautiful decorative accents and a fabric binding to keep from fraying. While fabric curtains need occasional washing, bamboo curtains can be dusted and wiped down with a damp cloth. Sustainable, stylish, and easy to clean, bamboo window coverings are ideal for more than just the planet – they’re ideal for any Wilmington, NC homeowner.

Looking to see this super plant for yourself?  Visit the Strickland’s Home showroom in Wilmington, NC, to see how sustainability and style go hand in hand.