Whether you’ve got an empty nest situation, you’re interested in a more eco-friendly home, or you just want to use your space more wisely, downsizing solutions could be the ticket to a totally revamped home. But here’s the thing: It’s all about finding or converting a space to perfectly fit your family’s lifestyle. So if “downsizing” gives your packrat side scary visions of purging all possessions, think of the following downsizing solutions as more like rightsizing solutions. Read on and get inspired:

Multifunctional is the Magic Word
When it comes to your living room, choose multifunctional furniture that works for you on many levels: ottomans that offer storage, a media center with built-in cabinets, a boot bench that also serves as seating. The goal is to find furniture that’s got beauty and brains, design and function.


Guests? Fold Out Your Bed and Stay Awhile!
We’re used to thinking of a guest room as just that — a room for guests. But what happens when you don’t have visitors? A Murphy Bed is a great way to keep that space from feeling wasted while combining it with other home needs. ORG Home offers Murphy Beds that feature desks, library shelving, LED lights, and more. You can even tuck your Murphy bed behind closed closet doors so it’s just waiting for the next visit from the grandkids.


Trust Us, You’ve Got Something to Hide
Here’s a small idea that makes a big difference: Think about what items in your home could be integrated into other features and hidden away when not in use. Things like ironing boards, mirrors, laundry hampers, and recycling bins can all find nifty tucked away homes. The result is less equipment, more storage.


Your Garage = More Than a Place to Park
You’re not giving your garage a fair shake if you don’t consider it another room of the house. In addition to sheltering your car, it can also include a workstation, seasonal storage, locker room, and even entertainment area.


Create a Smart Kitchen
Kitchens have the tendency to get cluttered, simply because they also have the tendency to be the busiest area of a home. With space-maximizing storage, you can right-size your kitchen so it is the smartest room in the house. Take advantage of all areas with corner shelves, pull-out drawers, storage racks for your glassware, and more. With this kind of pantry planning, you keep track of your groceries better, store your dishware more efficiently, and speed up your everyday cooking process.


We think it’s great that you want to downsize and we’d love to help you do it in a smart way. Head to Carolina Closest Company to speak with one of our experts today.