Designer bedding has become a cornerstone of the luxury hotel stay, with your choice of sheets (Egyptian cotton? Silk? Linen?) and your choice of firmness for pillows. Chances are, you’ve had the designer bedding experience in high-end hotels and cozy bed and breakfasts, but what about in your own home? We spend the most time in our own beds, but too often we neglect this space when it could be the lap of luxury. In this spirit, here’s how to get the dreamy designer bedding experience on an everyday basis.

How to Get Dreamy Designer Bedding

  1. Top it off. A good night’s sleep depends on a great mattress, of course, but don’t forget to top it off with a great mattress topper, too. Plume feather beds create ultra-fluffy and warm mattress toppers, while mattress pad blends with microfiber and feathers can give a little more support. For a hypoallergenic but comfortable alternative, consider a faux down bed. If you love your mattress the way it is, consider a more minimalistic cotton mattress pad.
  2. Pick the softest sheets. When it comes to the softest sheets, there are numerous considerations to make. Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Especially comfortable sheets typically range anywhere from 200-count up, though it’s all about personal taste – test yours out. Egyptian cotton is famous for its breathability, and the more washes cotton sheets have been through, the softer they become. Sophisticated details like decorative satin stitching on the edges of sheets will increase the luxuriousness of your designer bed sheets.
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  4. Pad with perfect-fit pillows. Similar to sheets, pillows often depend on personal preference. Down pillows are straight out of the movies with a soft, lightweight, floating-on-a-cloud feeling. Faux down pillows, on the other hand, use an ultra-fine microfiber for a more hypoallergenic and supportive sleeping experience. Want to get really luxurious? Go for a custom-sized pillow for the perfect fit, no matter the material.
  5. Add more pillows. The luxurious bed is not a two-pillow bed. To the contrary, it has as many pillows as you could possibly need, in all the right sizes and shapes. For a truly luxurious designer bed, add decorative pillows, accent pillows, a boudoir pillow or two, or even a small bolster pillow or two. If simplicity is luxury for you, a pair of crisp white Euro shams is a classic, as Madonna knows firsthand.
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  7. Cover it up. A down comforter or duvet can be fluffy and light in the warmer months and the insulation you need when cold weather comes. If summer heat and humidity have you throwing off the sheets, though, consider a coverlet, lighter throw, or quilt.
  8. Add layers. Dress up your designer bedding with a plush throw or bed scarf as a runner at the end of the bed. Donatella Versace’s Milan bedroom isn’t complete without a multicolor geometric print bed scarf, and Sasha Bikoff insists on a textural, furry throw at the end of hers. Craving something simpler perhaps? An off-the-bedside throw makes for a casual, comfy touch.

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