Custom Velvet Drapes: 5 Reasons We Love Them

If it’s bold and stylish window treatments you seek, you can’t go wrong with custom velvet drapes. Synonymous with softness and royalty, velvet curtains provide a one-of-a-kind finishing touch for your windows. They’re far from one-note, though — you can choose from a number of different styles and types of velvet, including mohair, silk, solids, crushed, and devoré (a.k.a. burnout velvet drapes). While velvet drapes are best-known for their soft and sumptuous fabric, there are multiple benefits that come with this classic window treatment. Here, we share a few reasons you might decide you want custom velvet curtains for your space.

  1. Custom velvet drapes evoke classic design. Since velvet drapes have been a popular feature for decades, they highlight many time periods in design. You can transport your patio space or living room to the Old World with olive green velvet drapes. Want a more retro look? Express your love of Mid-century modern design with clean lines and playful geometrics by pairing orange velvet curtains with patterned wallpaper.
  2. custom velvet drapes
  3. Velvet curtains bring the entire room together. Smooth velvet curtains can pull elements together to complete the room with one unifying color. Take these purple velvet drapes — they take color from an abstract painting and a more traditional area rug to perfectly finish the room.
  4. custom velvet drapes

  5. They block out light and provide privacy. Custom velvet drapes block out sunlight and insulate your home to lower your energy bill throughout hot summers and chilly winters. Sure, sheers are sweet and feminine, but for a good night’s sleep and absolute privacy, pair them with dark velvet curtains in your master bedroom.
  6. They’re undeniably luxurious. While velvet curtains sometimes get a bad rep for their heaviness (you’ll want professional installers for this reason), their very weight is also what evokes such luxury. For a look that would make heiresses jealous, let your velvet drapes puddle on the floor like melted gold. For luxury you can sink into, pair velvet curtains with a velvet couch, pillows, and ottoman. At Strickland’s Home, we can help design your entire space, with matching bedding and wallpaper, too.
  7. They’re a work of art in themselves. While some window curtains fade into the background, others — like custom velvet drapes — insist on being examined and enjoyed. For example, consider these peach velvet draperies with custom embroidered trim. Not only do they pull color from artwork and upholstered dining room chairs, but they add to the room’s design with their own additional pattern, pleating, and texture. Burnout velvet drapes provide an additional pattern and visual interest, too.
custom velvet drapes

Custom Velvet Curtains at Strickland’s Home
If you’re ready to make a statement with your window treatments, contact us or visit our showroom at Strickland’s Home. There, you can see, touch, and feel our velvet fabrics and begin to envision your next window treatment design. Ready to dive in? Request an appointment for a free on-site consultation.