At Strickland’s Draperies & Fabrics, we believe there’s an art to everything in home design – especially when it comes to arranging your custom throw pillows. While it may be tempting to toss a few of your favorite pillows on the couch and call it a day, you know a professionally-designed space when you see one. In this spirit, here’s our step-by-step guide to the art of arranging custom throw pillows.

  1. Start big. Begin your throw pillow arrangement with your biggest pillows at the outer edges of your couch. Work your way to the middle with incrementally smaller pillows. Going large to small in pillow size is a traditional aesthetic choice, as larger pillows don’t obscure the patterns, colors, and textures of smaller pillows as they move inward. It’s also great for comfort’s sake and functionality – larger pillows are ready to be sunk into, but they aren’t in the way of seating, either.
  2. traditional custom throw pillows
  3. Start simple. Generally, a simple base like a solid color or simple print creates nice symmetry, framing the couch. This is an especially good choice if you want to stick to a more ordered aesthetic. Looking to change it up? Start with a textured pillow for a bold contrast against the couch.
  4. textured custom throw pillows
  5. Go odd (or even.) While designers typically recommend choosing odd numbers of custom throw pillows for a more natural and relaxed look, even numbers work well for a different design strategy. Even numbers of pillows provide more symmetry, balance, and order, which can be helpful for a more eclectic room in need of some simplicity.
  6. relaxed look custom throw pillows
  7. Get creative! Now’s the fun part – picking pillows that express your personal aesthetic and personality. For a simple and classic arrangement, choose matching pillows of the same size or a slightly smaller size than the framing pillows. To play up the room’s design, choose pillows with colors, patterns, and textures that complement or match the room’s decor. Often, you can pull colors from an area rug or even from features like vases and art. Of course, the draperies are a great place to pull colors and patterns from, too. These seafoam drapes and pillows match perfectly for a light and pleasant living room.
  8. seafoam custom throw pillows and matching drapes
  9. Find a common thread. This “get creative” part can get overwhelming without some guidance. To keep your custom throw pillow design unified, choose a common thread to emphasize throughout. This could be as simple as the color scheme like white and gray pillows, or as complex as a variation on a theme or type of pattern, like homey embroidered pillows. Here’s a no-fail pillow arrangement trick for a 3×3 pillow sofa: start with a pair of solid pillows, add a busy print, then add a simple print.
  10. homey custom throw pillows
  11. Don’t forget the texture. A couch full of pillows of the same texture can have as many patterns as possible and still fall flat. Why? We crave texture! Aesthetically and comfort-wise, textured pillows can make a big difference. Rich fabrics like velvet and silk can add a smooth look as well as unparalleled comfort and luxury. Silk pillows dazzle on a velvet couch. Kilim pillows add natural texture to a smooth leather couch. For even more texture, add a chunky throw.
  12. Kilim custom throw pillows
  13. Pick an accent pillow you adore. Don’t forget to pick one accent pillow you really love. Often, accent pillows in smaller sizes (like bolsters or lumbar pillows) add a fun final touch to couches, especially if they flaunt something beautiful and eye-catching, like embroidery or faux fur.

Now that you understand the art of arranging custom throw pillows, it’s time to get started on your own sofa setup. For custom-designed and professionally arranged draperies, fabrics, throws, and pillows, give us a call at Strickland’s Draperies & Fabrics. We’ll help you come up with an arrangement that turns your living room into a work of art.