When you purchase custom bedding from Strickland’s Draperies & Fabrics, you get custom-designed bed scarves and skirts, throw pillows, neck rolls, bolsters, boudoir shams, Euro shams, coverlets, matching blankets and quilts, and even matching draperies. We help you design the bed of your dreams, complete with luxurious layers, hypoallergenic linens, and custom-stuffed pillows – perfectly firm or light as a cloud, depending on your preference.

Custom Bedding? Check! Now, Get the Sheets to Match

Naturally, if you give someone the perfect bed set, they’ll want the sheets to match. As we aren’t in the custom sheets business (yet), we’re happy to recommend some. Here are a few of the world’s most luxurious sheets to consider for your custom bedding.

custom bedding

Crisp and Classic: Frette Hotel Classic Sheet Set: Stylish and simple double-line embroidery, Italian-made, and crisp Egyptian cotton. As many of the world’s most stylish hotels would agree, you can’t go wrong with Frette sheets. We’re big fans of the Wrightsville Beach-friendly khaki embroidery, though the navy and white are safe bets, too.

Fun and Customizable: Matouk Meridian Flat Sheet Set: These sheets are simple in design and American-made, ideal for a Topsail Island guest bedroom or downtown Wilmington bed and breakfast. Crisp cotton is complemented with three rows of ribbon in light neutrals, Azure blue, or navy. In general, Matouk sheets are highly customizable – consider, for instance, these scalloped sheets. They’re available in a handful of colors, including a sweet pink and lagoon teal blue, perfect for children’s rooms. They can also be monogrammed!

Soft and Luxurious: Royal Velvet 400 TC Wrinkle Guard Sheet Sets: If maximum softness is what you seek, look no further: Royal Velvet sheets are made of 400 thread-count, 100% cotton sateen. Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet – and great sheets are anywhere above 200. These sateen sheets are made from treated cotton fibers which combine the strength of cotton with the smooth softness of satin. They’re also available in multiple colors, from rich Palmetto Red to soft green Sage.

Custom Bedding & Sheets to Match: Luxurious sheets are a must-have to match custom bedding from Strickland’s Draperies & Fabrics. If you’re considering custom bedding, contact us or come by our showroom to learn more about our process.