6 Things Not to Store in Your Garage

When it comes to garage storage, often anything goes — from boxes of files you haven’t looked through in years to unfinished furniture projects to old bikes from yesteryear. While garages are the ideal space for organizing and storage, they aren’t built to contain absolutely everything on your property. In fact, some things should never be stored in your garage. If you’re considering a remodeling project for your garage, here’s what to move out of your garage space when you get organized with Strickland’s Custom Garages.

1. Pet food. We know it’s tempting, but food of any kind – even the dog and cat’s – can attract pests you do not want in your garage. If there’s nowhere else to store it, opt for a tightly sealed plastic or metal container kept inside garage storage shelving.

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2. Another fridge. Speaking of food, beware of the secondary garage fridge. While the extra freezer space comes in handy, the appliance may struggle to adjust to shifting temperatures and extra-hot coastal North Carolina summer. Unless your garage is highly temperature-controlled, leave the fridges inside.

3. Firewood. Like food, firewood attracts pests which can quickly move from their woodpile home and into yours. It’s best to store firewood at least 20 feet from the house and garage. Instead, make room for lawn chairs in your garage storage for when bonfire season arrives.

4. Propane tanks. Usually, propane tanks are safe when stored in your vicinity. But at the same time, just a small leak and spark–like starting your car–could cause a fire. It’s best not to take that risk. Instead, keep your barbeque items, umbrellas, and party supplies inside your garage and the propane tank in a shed or covered outside your home. Better yet? Design a party garage, man cave, she shed, or multipurpose workspace.

5. Books and photographs. If you want to be able to flick through yearbooks or family albums decades from now, take them inside. Silverfish love the dampness and darkness of the garage, and they also enjoy feasting on starchy substances like your books. Instead, why not update your home library or living room to truly showcase your memories? Leave garage storage to items that belong in the garage — like sports equipment, bikes, and tools.

6. Medical records and legal documents.
Don’t keep any important files or documents in your garage, either. They could be destroyed by shifting humidity in your garage. If you have no other space, opt for high-quality airtight plastic containers to protect them.

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What You Can Store in Your Garage
While it’s important to understand what you shouldn’t store in your garage, there are plenty of things you can make space for in your garage storage. Bikes can go vertical on racks, prized vehicles can perch on car lifts, and all of your hobbies can find a home on wall-mounted shelves and cabinetry. Ready to get started on your garage storage project? Contact us at Strickland’s Custom Garages to get started on your garage makeover today.